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more wallpaper by NachoB

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When I use my Treo's built-in launcher, I sometimes think:

What if I can start an application directly by the numeric 1-9 keys?
What if I can search / filter applications by the qwerty keyboard?
What if ... (the rest you tell me ;-)

Now, here is Treo Launcher.

Download latest English version 1.53 (Centro supported!):

Lnchr.prc (English version)
Lnchr.prc (Spanish translation by Leobardo Martinez)
Lnchr.prc (German translation by B@tze)

Lnchr.prc (Brasilian Portuguese translation by Dr. Heyder Ferreira)
Lnchr.prc (Italian translation by Sergio)
Lnchr.prc (简体中文翻译 by FreeTong)
Lnchr.prc (繁體中文翻譯 by FreeTong)

Previous versions:

Version 1.4 Lnchr.prc (English version, .prc only)
Lnchr.prc (Spanish translation by Leobardo Martinez)
Lnchr.prc (German translation by B@tze)
Lnchr.prc (Brasilian Portuguese translation by Dr. Heyder Ferreira)
Lnchr.prc (简体中文翻译 by FreeTong)
Lnchr.prc (繁體中文翻譯 by FreeTong)

Version 1.3.1: TreoLauncher
Lnchr.prc (Spanish)
Lnchr.prc (German)

Lnchr.prc (简体中文)
Lnchr.prc (繁體中文)

Version 1.2:
Lnchr.prc (Spanish)
Lnchr.prc (简体中文)
Lnchr.prc (繁體中文)


Please buy Treo Launcher from your favourite Online Shop or Paypal for US$12.95:
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  1. Lnchr.prc - the main program
  2. [optional] pnoJpegLib.prc - support jpeg wallpaper
  3. [optional] Lnchr.001.pdb - sample wallpaper
  4. [optional] other .jpeg wallpapers in SD Card's /DCIM folder


  • Search / filter applications by the Treo QWERTY keyboard
  • Two display modes: [123] and [abc]
  • Launch an application directly by 1-9 key in [123] mode
  • Calendar and date/time in [123] mode
  • Category support for applications on card
  • Customizable wallpaper
  • Customizable icons
  • Quick access to 10 Most-recent-used applications
  • Fast and small


  1. What does "Lnchr" mean?
    Before, Treo Launcher was called Lnchr.

  2. Does Treo Launcher work on non-Treo devices?
    Yes, as long as the device OS version is 3.5 to 5.4.x

  3. How to set Treo Launcher as the default launcher?
    In Treo Launcher, Menu -> Preferences ...

  4. How to add / rename / delete an application category?
    Use the 'old' launcher, Menu -> System Launcher.

  5. How to categorize applications on card?
    - By default, all card applications are under Unfiled category.
    - (optionally) create a new cateogry name "+Card" to put all Unfiled applications into a single category
    - (optionally) create sub-folders inside /Palm/Launcher/ to group application on cards into different categories

  6. How to turn off icon name text shadow?
    - Set both icon name text and icon name text shadow to the same color.

  7. How does wallpaper work?
    - Install pnoJpegLib.prc & Lnchr.001.pdb (a sample wallpaper)
    - Treo Launcher will load wallpaper in the following order:
    1) Load user-selected wallpaper
    2) Load /DCIM/LnchrABC.jpg on card for [ABC] mode
    3) Load /DCIM/Lnchr123.jpg on card for [123] mode
    4) Load Lnchr.001.pdb (the sample wallper)
    - Please verify Menu -> Toggle -> Wallpaper is on

  8. How does customized icons work?
    1) Create a Icon folder in /DCIM/ on the card
    2) Put any .bmp or .gif image files inside the /DCIM/Icon folder
    3) Name the icon file same as the application name (e.g. Prefs.gif, Calc.gif, etc.)
    4) Run Menu -> Lnchr -> Icons once
    - Please check out the How to convert PNG to GIF article by Abecedarian, and
    - great icons converted by duke duke and gruswitz.

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Users' Feedback

Review on

Current rating: 9.0 (7 Votes) mytreo

User: dgyahn Rating: 10 10 Jan, 2007
Simple, clean and efficient. Excellent!

User: nomad Rating: 10 24 Dec, 2006
simple is best, awesome app!



Review on Handango

Rating: 5 out of 5 starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Very Simple, Fast & Looks Great!

I was very pleasantly surprised by Treo Launcher. I have different versions of ZLauncher, MegaLauncher and Silver Screen; while they all are excellent in different ways, for me Treo Launcher works best. The other programs just had too many options, tools and configuration choices. Treo Launcher is very simple with only one Preferences screen, it loads very fast, includes a nice split screen calendar, and works with any background image you choose... And, it only cost $12.95, trust me, that is a real bargain.

Alexei from Goleta, California {2006/12/28}



This morning when I opened my gmail, I got this photo from Leobardo Martinez - Treo Launcher running on a Abacus Fossil PDA! It's amazing!

If you have any interesting photos and wants to share with others, please drop a mail to me, horaceh @

Thanks, Leo!



The first thing I liked in Palm devices was the simple Palm OS UI. Palm has abandoned it for years. It hasn't been updated much when software titles galore on your device. So with a couple of bells and whistles to simple Palm OS launcher itself, Treo Launcher by Horace is what I have been missing on my Treo. With a type of a letter on the wonderful Treo keyboard, you can drill down your apps list to the ones you need. Still better now you can have background image like on those other Palms.

- Chandana Kulatunga, on palmaddict {2006/11/29}


Your Launcher application is one of the best apps i have on my 700p. To me its the best Launcher todate. Its clean, sharp and effective. Its the icing on the cake for my 700p.
I love it.

- Dwayne McDaniel {2006/12/03}

Treo Launcher on M68



Another picture in my Gmail inbox this morning. It is Treo Launcher running on a Hagenum S200 (the European version of Gspda XPlore M68).

Thanks, Laurent THALER!





Screen Shots

Search in action Suppet 4 columns



0.1 {2006/10/29}

  • First public beta.

0.2 {2006/11/01}

  • Added: current selected application and cursor movement
  • Added: device without num pad can start applications with the rocker keys
  • Added: option to set Lnchr as the default launcher
  • Fixed: unwanted application launch after Category selection
  • Fixed: category error when Lnchr starts due to category edit

0.3 {2006/11/02}

  • Added: a new Lnchr interface - String Launch [abc]
    In [abc] mode, icons are filtered incrementally when user enters the application name
    For example, when user enter "me", only application starting with "me" (e.g. Memo) will be shown
  • Fixed: C.S.I. don't move when number of app is a multiple of 9

0.4 {2006/11/03}

  • Added: option to show 3 or 4 columns of icon
  • Added: a scroll bar of icon list

0.5 {2006/11/04}

  • Added: [123] mode supports filter too
  • Added: display icon name in [123] mode for hi-res devices
  • Added: option to use Rocker L/R to change category
  • Added: hardware button (if mapped to Lnchr) unselects current icon before goes to next category

0.6 {2006/11/05}

  • Fixed: filter now support icon name with '.' (full stop)
  • Fixed: "MemoryMgr.C, Line 2679: chunk over-locked"

0.7 {2006/11/05}

  • Added: option to hide icons of "Unfiled" category from "All" icon view
  • Fixed: Lnchr button unselects current selected icon
  • Fixed: Lnchr button clears filter buffer
  • Fixed: Lnchr button goes to first page if there is only one category
  • Fixed: error 4th row icon position in 3-column mode

0.8 {2006/11/08}

  • Fixed: Scroll bar works in [abc] mode
  • Fixed: Lnchr startup OS checking to support OS 3.5 to OS 5.4.x only

0.9 {2006/11/13}

  • Added: show last 10 launched applications in [123] mode
  • Added: option to auto launch if only one application match after a search/filter
  • Added: show scroll bar in [123] mode (is this good?)
  • Fixed: Preserve calendar style when switching between [123] and [abc] mode

1.0 beta 1 {2006/11/15}

  • Added: show search / filter string on form title
  • Added: support jpeg wallpaper based on pnoJpegLib by Stefan Stolz
    please refer to pnoJpegLib.txt for license of pnoJpegLib
  • Added: show wallpaper /Palm/Programs/Lnchr/lnchr.jpg (64k or smaller)
  • Added: show time on form title in [abc] mode
  • Fixed: show applications which do not have buit-in icons

1.0 beta 2 {2006/11/16}

  • Added: select a wallpaper from a dialog box (no more renaming lnchr.jpg)
  • Fixed: Window version 4.0 api called in 3.5 devices
  • Fixed: Wallpaper size not limited to 64k jpeg


Wallpaper Select

1.0 beta 3 {2006/11/18}

  • Added: Treo phone signal gadget value
  • Added: L/R to select last 10 used applications
  • Added: Enter (return) key to switch top icons and recent used applications [abc] mode
  • Fixed: Home (Applications) silk button works as a back key
  • Fixed: background not clean up if wallpaper is smaller than client area
  • Fixed: time update erases filter text
  • Fixed: time does not update after power off/on
  • Fixed: in [abc] mode, time overwrites a drop down menu

Wallpaper Select

1.0 beta 4 {2006/11/18}

  • Added: small fonts updated
  • Fixed: Auto launch unique application option not saved
  • Fixed: Icon name background

Wallpaper Select

1.0 beta 5 {2006/11/19}

  • Added: icons sorted
  • Added: small icon animation
  • Fixed: phone signal value stays when the phone is off
  • Fixed: Menu-E to switch to [123] mode
  • Fixed: Treo 700p ROM version checking error

Lnchr icon animation

1.0 beta 6 {2006/11/23}

  • Added: launch applications on card /Palm/Launcher folder
  • Added: option to edit wallpaper pathname
  • Fixed: loading hi-res font in OS 3.5 resets the device
  • Fixed: Recent 10 apps drawing routine optimized
  • Fixed: phantom icon (click on white space) starts application when filter is on

Lnchr Card Links

Applications on CARD /Palm/Launcher folder are now supported. Each card application name comes with a '*' suffix. An application on card is copied to main memory and then launched. After the application quits, it is removed from the main memory automatically. For applications which stay in both card and main memory (as backup, for example), the main memory copy remains as is.

Card applications are sorted after applications in main memory. More sorting options will be available in future versions of Lnchr. Search / filter works for both main memory and card applications.

1.0 beta 7 {2006/11/24}

  • Lnchr has a new name: Treo Launcher
  • Added: show time in [123] mode title
  • Added: option to show 4 rows of icons in [123] mode
  • Fixed: truncate icon name when it is too long
  • Fixed: time not updated when Keyguard is on and Lnchr is the active app
  • Fixed: icon messed up after starting an application from card

123 mode 4-row

1.0 beta 8 {2006/11/27}

  • Fixed: time format out sync, main screen vs Keyguard off
  • Fixed: icon missing for no-icon programs on card
  • Fixed: error truncating double-byte long icon names
  • Fixed: Run Qset on card, crash
  • Fixed: DBCacheTool - after start apps from card, crash
  • Fixed: Hi-launcher - after start apps from card, crash

1.0 beta 9 {2006/11/30}

  • Added: option to "default to num-shift" (OP+) in 123 mode
  • Added: option to start 4th row of icons in [123] mode by '*', '0' and '#'
  • Added: option of rocker up/down to change row selection, go to next page at last row
  • Fixed: Left Rocker key to change category hangs device when current category is Unfiled
  • Fixed: Error signal value (7x ~ 8x) when the signal is low
  • Fixed: page down broken when filter (search text) is on


1.0 release {2006/12/01}

  • Added: option to show a month view in the calendar
  • Since most of the show stopping bugs are fixed, here is 1.0 of Treo Launcher. Hope you enjoy it ;-)

Month View

1.01 {2006/12/03}

  • Fixed: Improper time update at upper left corner when active form is About or Preferences
  • Fixed: "Set as default launcher" now works on Treo 680 and Treo 700p
  • Fixed: when number of icons is equal to row x col, one more page down blanks screen

1.1 {2006/12/13}

  • Added: Option to put all card applications in a default category (e.g. +Card)
  • Added: Support mapping of sub-folders in /Palm/Launcher to categories
  • Added: Card filenames '+' prefix replaces '*' suffix
  • Fixed: Hidden card applications shown
1.1.1 {2006/12/13}
  • Fixed: Missing some card application icons
1.1.2 {2006/12/14}
  • Fixed: Missing resource error crash in English version

1.2 {2006/12/21}

  • Added: Option to change icon name text color
  • Added: Option to add a shadow to icon name text
  • Added: Option to change icon name backgroud color
  • Added: Option to change calendar frame color
  • Added: Option to toggle wallpaper
  • Added: Option to toggle icon name display
  • Fixed: "Set as Default Launcher" works after a soft reset
  • Fixed: Launching SharkLinks always go to the 1st site

Month ViewMonth View

1.3 {2007/01/10}

  • Added: Support jpeg images in main memory
  • Added: Option to show battery %
  • Added: One wallpaper for each mode
  • Added: Option to soft reset device
  • Added: Option to hide recent used application icons
  • Added: Option to skip 'All' when rotating categories
  • Added: Any category name starts with '*' (e.g. *Hidden) will be skipped when rotating categories
  • Added: Support old-style (e.g. T|T) 5-way rocker
  • Fixed: Missing icon after starting some applications (e.g. Adarian Money)
  • Fixed: Qwerty searching icon name with space switches mode

Month View

1.3.1 {2007/01/14}

  • Added: Press Enter to invoke Recent Used Apps when it is hidden
  • Added: Default jpeg wallpaper is /DCIM/LnchrABC.jpg on card for [abc] mode
  • Added: Default jpeg wallpaper is /DCIM/Lnchr123.jpg on card for [123] mode
  • Added: Recent Used Apps still available when current Category is empty
  • Fixed: Over-locked memory error
  • Fixed: In RAM wallpaper name lost when Toggle wallpaper

1.4 {2007/02/01}

  • Added: Customizable icons
    1. Create a Icon folder in /DCIM/ on the card
    2. Put any .bmp or .gif image files inside the /DCIM/Icon folder
    3. Name the icon file same as the application name (e.g. Prefs.gif, Calc.gif, etc.)
    4. Run Menu -> Lnchr -> Icons once
  • Added: Separate text and text shadow colors for each mode [123 | ABC]
  • Added: Separate saved category for each mode
  • Added: Lock & Turn Off shortcut
  • Added: Color -> Theme shortcut
  • Added: Quick search for application with space in name (e.g. "c i" will match "card info")
  • Fixed: *Hidden category (a category name with a * in front, e.g. *Hidden) now hidden in All view
  • Note: Please re-enter the registration code if upgrading from an older version

Month ViewMonth View

1.5 {2007/11/11}

  • Added: Wallpaper (smaller than 64K) on SD card cached in RAM
  • Added: Chinese Lunar calendar
  • Added: Month view support 160x160 display (e.g. Treo 600)
  • Added: Launch DAs directly via MetaDA
  • Fixed: Refresh display after loading customized icons
  • Fixed: Fail to switch to 65536-color mode on Treo 650 CDMA devices
  • Fixed: Switch on device by Home button changes to next category (Treo 680 only)
  • Fixed: Crash Treo 650 when return from PowerRun generated programs

1.53 {2008/03/09}

  • Added: Centro support
  • Added: Italian version
  • Fixed: the GB code of the 12th month of a lunar year is wrong
  • Fixed: applications loaded from card are left in main memory